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Corrugated sheet

Heat transfer plates are one of the core components of plate heat exchangers . The corrugated sheet is formed by one-time pressing. The reasonable corrugated design increases the effective heat transfer area of the sheet, and makes the fluid form turbulence when passing along the corrugation, which strengthens the heat transfer process. During assembly, the corrugations and corrugations intersect to form a large number of contact points, which greatly improves the rigidity of the plate group, and therefore can withstand higher pressure. Each plate is used as a heat transfer surface. Under the action of the gasket, cold and hot media are passed through the two sides of the plate for heat exchange. There are four 孑 Ls on the plate that distribute the liquid. 孑 L and the perimeter of the plate are equipped with sealing gaskets to restrict the flow of the medium in the plate group. Each plate forms a parallel channel and flows through the two media inside. The flow direction of the heat transfer effect is good. In order to adapt to a variety of highly corrosive media, the corrugated plate materials are: industrial pure titanium TAl for seawater or other corrosive media; a variety of stainless steels, j = fresh water, drinking water , Oils and other non-corrosive media.

A sealing gasket is arranged on the sealing groove of the corrugated plate, and the sealing gasket is designed as a double-channel sealing structure and has a signal hole. When the medium leaks from the first seal, it can be leaked out of the device from the signal 孑 L, and the problem can be detected and solved early without causing the mixing of the two media. Sealing gasket can be selected according to different fluids and operating temperatures.

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