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Supply GEA plate heat exchanger

(机组) ,拥有国内同行型号最齐全的板片系列 提供板片及配套胶垫的单独供货,并承接各种进口板式换热器的改造及维修改造业务 The company's leading product is a detachable plate heat exchanger (unit) , which has the most complete plate series in its domestic counterparts . It can provide separate supply of plates and supporting rubber pads, and undertake the transformation of various imported plate heat exchangers. And repair and transformation business . Alfa laval (阿法拉伐)板式换热器、 GEA (基伊埃)板式换热器、 APV 板式换热器、 Sondex 板式换热器、 SEWP( 传特)板式换热器、海水养殖换热器、家用板式换热器、换热器机组、板式换热器配件等。 The company's main products are Alfa laval plate heat exchangers, GEA plate heat exchangers, APV plate heat exchangers, Sondex plate heat exchangers, SEWP plate heat exchangers, and marine aquaculture. Heat exchangers, household plate heat exchangers, heat exchanger units, plate heat exchanger accessories, etc.

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