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Supply APV plate heat exchanger

公司在全球40多个国家设有120多个生产工厂和销售及售后服务机构。 APV plate heat exchanger company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. At present, APV company has more than 120 production plants and sales and after-sales service agencies in more than 40 countries around the world.

Advantages of APV plate heat exchangers in heat exchange applications:
High heat exchange efficiency: saving equipment investment and supporting costs, low installation costs;
Save cooling water: low operating cost;
Small end difference: meet harsh heat transfer requirements;
Reliable operation: safe and stable operation;
Easy maintenance: simple, convenient and low cost
The plates and gaskets of the APV plate heat exchanger have the following characteristics:  
Reliable plate locking structure  
的板片在四个角上带有板片相互锁定功能,这样能使板片的耐压性能提高,并且在维修时能很方便地安装,当四角的锁定槽被相互锁定后,能确保换热器的板片可靠定位。 The plates of the APV plate heat exchanger have the function of interlocking the plates at the four corners. This can improve the pressure resistance of the plates and can be easily installed during maintenance. When the locking grooves at the four corners are locked to each other Later, the plate of the heat exchanger can be reliably positioned.
Unique interlocking bits  
A proprietary feature of Paraflow is the interlocking gaskets, a series of erected umbrella arches and umbrella-shaped structures ensure that all parts of the gaskets have reliable support combined with the form of a patented pressure groove. Provides plate-to-plate support strength for the sealing system. The alignment of the Paraflow plate bundle is ensured by the vertical ribs during compaction and operation.
Embedded gasket
Paraflow can be fitted with APV's Parac 咋 gasket, which uses a mechanical connection method and can be fixed to the board without bonding. Save time and money when removing gaskets, as no initial cost is required
Double leak-proof  
The APV gasket is designed as a double seal to prevent the two fluids from mixing. Leakage occurs when production is abnormal (for example, pressure shock), the fluid enters the dead zone formed by the double seal, and then is discharged from the drain groove outside the plate. This design makes leaks easy to spot and locates leaks.

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