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Design and manufacture of plate oil cooler

是专业从事板式换热器的设计、制造、安装和服务于一体的企业。 Qingdao Runtong Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and service of plate heat exchangers. ISO9001:2008 质量体系认证,有完整的生产管理体系和质量管理体系。 The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and has a complete production management system and quality management system. 拥有 先进的生产工艺及检测设备 丰富的经验及完善的售后服务 产品质量达到国际同类产品的先进水平 The company has a number of professors and senior experts in the industry to provide technical support , has advanced production technology and testing equipment , rich experience and perfect after-sales service , product quality reaches the international advanced level of similar products . 远销 美国、英国、瑞典、法国、加拿大以及东南亚等国家和地区 ,受到国内外用户的广泛 赞誉 Products are exported to the United States, Britain, Sweden, France, Canada and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions , and have been widely praised by users at home and abroad .

,可 提供板片及配套胶垫的单独供货,并承接各种进口板式换热器的改造及维修改造业务 The company's leading product is a detachable plate heat exchanger, which has the most complete plate series in its domestic counterparts . It can provide separate supply of plates and supporting rubber pads, and undertake the transformation and repair of various imported plate heat exchangers. Business .

信誉卓著、客户至上、质量第一 为宗旨, 结合每一位顾客的要求,以优秀的品质服务回报社会。 The company adheres to the tenet of " reputable reputation, customer first, quality first " , combines the requirements of each customer, and returns the society with excellent quality services.

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