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Plate and shell heat exchanger

Plate and shell heat exchangers are heat exchangers with plate and tube as heat transfer elements, also known as sheet heat exchangers. It is mainly composed of a plate tube bundle and a shell. The contact points of the pair of cold-formed strips are tightly welded together to form a plate tube containing multiple flat flow channels. Many tubes of varying widths are arranged in a certain order. In order to maintain the space between the plates and tubes, metal bars are inserted at both ends of the adjacent plates and tubes and welded to the plates and tubes. The two ends of the tube and tube form a tube sheet, so that many tube and tube are firmly connected together to form a tube and tube bundle. The end of the plate tube bundle presents a number of flat flow channels. The plate tube bundle is assembled in the housing, and the sliding expansion between the housing and the housing is eliminated by the sliding seal. The cross section of the equipment is generally round, and there are also rectangles and hexagons.


Specifications: Design temperature: -195-600 ℃

Design pressure: -150.0bar

Veneer area: 0.022-2.0㎡

Plate thickness and working pressure

Plate thickness Working pressure level


0.8mm 10-63bar
1.0mm 40-150bar

Equipment material

case Plate
Carbon steel AISI304
254SMO titanium
titanium nickel
Hastelloy Hastelloy
other other

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